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Click here to read some fun and interesting ways to reduce the risk of tick bites.
Learn how our treats keep dogs healthy from the inside out. We make eight delicious varieties:
 K#9 Cologne Repels Ticks Naturally.

grey-blue-cart1.jpgEnjoy an active, outdoor life with your dog without worries of lyme disease and harsh chemicals.  Our unique blend of 100% human-grade, all-natural essential oils naturally repels ticks.  It also smells greatFor Dogs Only.
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We combine our proprietary essential oil blend in sweet almond oil, which is an excellent emollient (softening and soothing to the skin) and suitable for all skin types. Our K#9 Cologne is free of citronella oil, which can be harmful to pets.
Simply put a bit of the K#9 Cologne onto a bandanna or cloth and gently rub that cloth over your dog's coat to disperse the scent of the cologne.  For best, longest-lasting results, tie the bandanna comfortably around your dogs neck. And then go play.  Use only when needed for outdoor activities and reapply after swimming or as the scent fades.  Pack it in your beach bag with your sun screen.  It's as simple as that!
Like everything from Goodness Gracious, our tick repellent is made in the USA by us.



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